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We were born as AgriPoint in the year 2000, when the internet in agriculture was in its infancy. Based on the MilkPoint website, we created a very active community in the dairy chain, with more than 200,000 people, involving all stakeholders: farmers, input companies, technicians, cooperatives, and dairy companies.

This community enabled the development of a series of complementary and synergistic services, such as the events Interleite Brasil, Interleite Sul, Fórum MilkPoint Mercado and Dairy Vision; the MilkPoint Mercado market intelligence service, which is a reference in monitoring milk and dairy products markets for more than 330 corporate customers; in addition to acting in strategic consulting projects for input companies, dairy products and sector entities.

But we went beyond milk. EducaPoint aims to be the best education platform focused on agriculture, with the mission of educating people for the food production of the future. CaféPoint is the main information site for this important national agribusiness sector. In 2022, we took an important step. AgriPoint becomes MilkPoint Ventures.

But why MilkPoint Ventures?

MilkPoint is our best-known brand. The origin of everything. Ventures, because our business is based on developing new services that conquer the market. Our vision is to be a storehouse of ideas that become reality. These ideas need not be ours alone; we want to bring entrepreneurs who see our brand and our network as a relevant asset to leverage their businesses.



MilkPoint aims to transform the reality of milk and the dairy sector in Brazil. We want to be essential like milk. We are market transforming agents, driving the growth of the dairy chain and illuminating the future of the sector through information. We work with people who, like us, are passionate about milk. And it is this union that makes MilkPoint the main source of information on the sector, with more than 160,000 registered users, who can find daily the main technical, managerial and market contents of milk in Brazil and in the world, available for free. We won 17 Agroleite trophies, as the main media in the sector. Companies that advertise with us receive much more than advertising space: we help them to have the best possible result and work with detailed data from our user profile.


CaféPoint is the coffee business portal in Brazil and a meeting point for industry professionals, with more than 40,000 registered users. Contains market analyses, perspectives, quotes, daily news, information on production techniques and space for reader interaction. It is an active community, in which the various links access information and interact, offering a rich vehicle for advertising companies.


MilkPoint Ventures has in the area of online education one of its services with the greatest potential for growth: EducaPoint, which has already trained more than 50,000 students and aims to educate for the production of the food of the future, incorporating agendas such as ESG, new technologies and growing protagonism of the consumer.


We want to be the best knowledge generation platform for agribusiness in Brazil. For this, we have developed our own platform, made users who are not experts in technology and who often have difficulty in the online environment. We created a solution with more than 330 courses with more than 150 experts, which can be accessed through subscription. We also have free courses, sponsored or produced by companies in the sector. We believe that, in the future, every company will be a school, and we want to be the classroom!

EducaPoint Corp

EducaPoint Corp is a division specializing in corporate training solutions. It's not just an e-learning platform – it's that too, but much more: we act on the know-how tripod: e-learning applied to agriculture; Training project management; And a user-friendly platform. We know that having the content and the platform is not enough to have an efficient corporate training program, and we help companies to obtain the best result from our experience and from monitoring the participation and performance of each participant. There are dozens of companies using our services, which are customizable and tailor-made to achieve the goals of each client.


We develop consulting services for the dairy and livestock production market, contributing decisively to the improvement of decision-making in companies operating in the sector, whether in the processing of milk and dairy products, or for inputs for milk production or for the industry, as well as entities, governments, and other stakeholders, including dairy farmers. Among the products we offer, there are market studies for input companies; industrial benchmarking for dairy companies; and a market place for the trade of milk and dairy products among companies.

MilkPoint Mercado

The dairy chain has an early revenue of more than R$ 130 billion per year in Brazil and is extremely complex. It is not easy for industry stakeholders to make assertive decisions about the market, decisions that can have a huge impact on their businesses. With a multidisciplinary team, in 2014 we launched MilkPoint Mercado, which has become the reference tool for monitoring the milk dairy products market, with more than 330 corporate clients.

Milk Monitor

Milk Monitor is a milk and dairy products market monitoring application for dairy farmers, seeking to put industry and producers on the same page regarding market information. Our goal is to help unravel the functioning of the market for those who depend on it to run their business. In addition to producers and technicians being able to subscribe to the app directly, several dairy companies and input companies are offering the service to their suppliers, employees and customers. Milk Monitor can be customized for the company, including its own content area, being yet another communication channel with its stakeholders.

MilkPoint Mercado Plus

MilkPoint Mercado, with more than 330 customers, is already the main source of information about what is happening today in the Brazilian dairy market. At MilkPoint Mercado Plus, our goal is to talk about the future. What will happen in the Brazilian dairy market in the next 12 months? With exclusive advice from a team with more than 25 years of experience in the sector, Plus is a way for your team to be able to organize and project the company's budget and review these projections monthly, which will enable better commercial strategies in the purchase of raw materials dairy products and in the commercial policy of its dairy products portfolio.


In Brazil, there are more than 1600 dairy processors. How many does your company have access to when carrying out a negotiation for dairy raw materials? A small number does not offer players the best conditions. Furthermore, negotiating dairy raw materials goes through numerous factors: what is your current margin? Acquire protein through bulk milk or skimmed milk powder? Manufacture mozzarella or sell milk on the spot market? How long would it take your company to answer all these questions today? What about your production costs? Can you answer how they are in relation to the market? Participating in Milki's benchmarking and market place, you can find out exactly where the gap in your operation is. We offer a combination of tools that will increase the rationality of negotiations and ease of access to the entire dairy market, in just one place. Buy and sell dairy raw materials whenever you want!


We have already held almost 100 face-to-face and online events focused on the dairy chain, involving production, industry and market. We bring high quality content that has a great impact on the future of the sector, we translate market information to guide the dairy sector agents' strategies, we illuminate scenarios and anticipate trends.



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